all i do in interviews is watch luke feed off of michael’s energy and slowly come out of his shell until he he blurts out something totally clever and hilarious michael just smiles and nods like he knows that he made that happen

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1. Sunrise or Sunset?


2. If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go?

tbh london

3. Boy bands or Girl bands?

boybands (but little mix and beatz though)

4. Would you rather have your canon get married or have your otp start dating?

canon (zalfie c’mon)

5. Summer jam song?

Social Causality, 18 or End Up Here, Mrs. All American by 5sos (sorry not sorry couldn’t pick just one)

6. What are 5 qualities you look for in a partner?

Height (i feel safe and secure around tall boys), thoughtful, active (not like addicted to the gym but a nice run once in a while), good listener, and just simply fun.

7. If you could have a meal with any celebrity who would you have dinner with?

Taylor Swift

8. If you could do a collab video with any 3 youtubers who would you do it with?

Tyler Oakely, Troye Sivan and Connor Franta

9. What is your least favorite food?


My questions:

1. NYC or LA?

2. A song that should have been a single?

3. Five celebrities that you would want in your contact list?

4. Concert arena or concert theatre?

5. Most attractive eye color?

6. Would you run away with the love of your life?

7. Two weird foods that taste good together?

8. Drunk colab with Tyler Oakley or Jenna Marbles?

9. Be invited to the Grammys or VMA’s?

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